15 COVID-19 Grants You Can Apply for TODAY

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on the physical, mental, and financial health of millions of Americans. Unemployment skyrocketed. People worry about how they will feed their families and pay rent.

15 Covid-19 Grants

In light of the pandemic and its widespread effects, many organizations and government agencies are offering grants to provide Americans with financial relief. Here are 15 COVID-19 grants you can apply for today.

1. Government Stimulus

Most Americans are eligible for the Economic Impact Payments program, which provides $1,200 to individuals, $2,400 per married couple, and $500 for each eligible child.

2. Western Native Voice COVID-19 Relief Fund

Members of native communities may be eligible for relief. Just fill out a “needs assessment” form to get started.

3. Freelancers Relief Fund

Provides up to $1,000 for qualifying households with independent workers who are facing hardship or loss of income because of the pandemic. To qualify, you must have earned income primarily through freelancing for at least a year.

4. One Fair Wage – Emergency Coronavirus Tipped & Service Worker Support Fund

Provides cash to restaurant workers, personal service workers, car service drivers, and delivery workers.

5. The Workers Fund

Grants for gig and contract workers whose livelihoods were impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

6. National Domestic Workers Alliance Coronavirus Care Fund (Discontinued)

A program that gives $400 in emergency funds to nannies, home care workers, housekeepers who are participants in the National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA), and Alia users.

7. Another Round, Another Rally Emergency Assistance

Provides $500 grants to hospitality workers, including servers, dishwashers, bartenders, managers, cleaning staff, hosts, and more.

8. HealthWell Foundation COVID-19 Insurance Premium Payment Assistance

Provides up to $6,000 in health insurance premiums for people who are actively being treated for cancer or another serious illness.

9. First Responders Children’s Foundation COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund

A program that offers assistance for first responders (paramedics, police officers, emergency medical personnel, firefighters and employees supporting fire and police departments) in need due to the pandemic.

10. Restaurant Opportunities Centers United ROC Relief

Relief fund that provides assistance to restaurant workers impacted by the pandemic.

11. The NDN Collective COVID-19 Response Fund

Offers direct relief to Tribal Nations, individuals, and Indigenous-led organizations delivering essential services to Indigenous communities.

12. Brave of Heart Fund

A fund led by Cigna and New York Life that provides relief grants to families of healthcare workers who have lost their lives to COVID-19.

13. Seed Commons: Worker Response Fund

A fund that provides relief to worker-owners at cooperative businesses affected by COVID-19, including custom manufacturing, service businesses, and cooperative child care services.

14. HALO (Help a Library Worker Out) Fund

A program created by the EveryLibrary Institute to provide relief to library workers impacted by the pandemic. Eligible library workers can receive up to $250.

15. HealthWell Foundation COVID-19 Ancillary Costs

Provides assistance to households with a positive COVID-19 diagnosis to cover the costs of food delivery, diagnostics, medication, and transportation.

These 15 grants provide displaced and impacted workers with some relief to help them cover living expenses. Apply for as many grants as you’re eligible for to maximize your relief options.

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