How to Monitor Your Credit & Get a Free Credit Report 

How to monitor your credit

Just 21% of adults in the United States monitor their credit each month. If you don’t know how to monitor your credit or get a free credit report, you’re at a higher risk of: 

  • Identity theft 
  • Erroneous charges

Chances are, there’s a lot you didn’t know about credit when you got your first credit card. However, the most important thing people overlook is that they need to monitor their credit.

Why Is It Important to Monitor Your Credit Score?

Did you know that 47% of Americans were the victims of financial identity theft in 2020? One of the best ways to avoid becoming a victim of financial identity theft is to monitor your credit closely.  

Use credit monitoring software and request your free credit report to check for suspicious activity and errors.

You can use a few monitoring options: 

  • Free versions which you have to check periodically 
  • Paid monitoring that sends you alerts for any suspicious activity on your account 

Credit monitoring services are available from Experian, Credit Karma, TransUnion and others.

How to Get a Free Credit Report

Every American is entitled to a free annual credit report from each credit bureau (Experian, TransUnion and Equifax). Your free report is crucial to credit monitoring because it allows you to catch suspicious activity early on and check your progress if you’re trying to improve your credit. 

The official source for your yearly credit reports is

Keep in mind that this report won’t show you your FICO score. In fact, no credit report will show you your credit score. Instead, they simply show you the information that credit bureaus received about you. 

If you’re looking for a legitimate, free credit report, is your best bet. However, many credit card companies also offer free credit card reports to cardholders. There are some credit monitoring services that are free 

You can also use free credit monitoring sites and credit monitoring companies to get a free credit report and even check your score. 

Now that you know how to monitor your credit and get a free credit report, you can take the first steps to monitoring your identity and preventing identity theft.

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