What type of Holiday Shopper are You? Tips to Shopping Smart

The holidays are around the corner and although the pandemic has placed a damper on things, there’s something about the holiday season that always puts us in a good mood. For many of us, the holiday season means gift-giving.

Smart Shopping

It doesn’t matter if you’re celebrating Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, or something else just as meaningful—gift-giving is a part of centuries of tradition. That’s why it’s important to know what type of shopper you are so you can make the most of your money and time this year during this pandemic and social-distancing regulations. We’ve narrowed down the different types of holiday shoppers into just five (5) categories below. Can you spot your number?

A – The Bargain Hunter

Are you always looking for a sale? Like, always? If so, you’re probably a bargain hunter. Bargain hunters make sure they get bang for their buck and are always on the hunt for a discount.

B – The Bougie Gifter

Does everyone expect the fanciest, coolest gift from you? If you answer yes to this question, you’re what we call a bougie gifter. This type of shopper will spend a good chunk of change on gifts to impress their loved ones.

C – The Browser

Do you enjoy leisurely walking around in stores that you like? The Browser is a shopper who loves to window shop and is satisfied by simply being in the store. You’re the one who always comes across unique gifts to purchase.

D – The Impulse Buyer

Do you end up buying things you don’t need, or even really want? These are characteristics of an impulse buyer, the type of shopper who gets a thrill from spending money. If you’re a number 4, you’re probably getting your loved ones multiple gifts at a time. Don’t worry, we’re not judging…too much.

E – The Mission-driven Shopper

Are you always on-task and on-budget when holiday shopping? If so, you’re probably a mission-driven shopper. Mission-driven shoppers shop with a specific goal in mind and are not finished until they find the gift they are looking for. If you’re a mission-driven shopper, you probably already have your gifts wrapped and waiting.

Knowing your holiday shopping personality will help you make smarter decisions this holiday season by recognizing your triggers. No matter the type of shopper you identify with the most, we suggest setting a budget before shopping and sticking to it. Happy holidays and safe shopping!

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