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Trade School vs. College

Many young people today are starting their lives with mountains of debt in the form of student loans. The rising costs of college and the increase in debt have many questioning whether a college degree is even worth it.

If you’re one of these people, an alternative option that you might consider is a trade school.

Trade school, or technical school, is an institution that provides students with the opportunity to learn vocational skills such as construction, dental care, welding, computer support, and more. These programs offer specialized, hands-on training for real-world skills that directly apply to your desired career path.

Why Should I Go to Trade School Instead of College?

There are many benefits of attending a trade school. These benefits come in the form of the cost of your education, your likelihood of finding a job after graduation, and the salary you can expect to make. Here are a few benefits of trade school vs. college:

1. Trade schools are often cheaper than colleges.

By researching trade school vs. college cost, you’ll find that the average cost of trade school tuition in a public trade school is under $4,000 for a two-year degree. Meanwhile, college tuition in a public institution costs about $10,000 per year or approximately $40,000 for a four-year degree. This does not include student housing, meal plans, or the many other expenses associated with attending a four-year college.

2. You can often start working right after graduation.

Once you finish trade school, you are qualified to start working immediately. With college degrees, some careers require additional master’s degrees or doctoral studies before you can land your dream job.

3. You don’t have to take out loans to pay for trade school.

Because of the low cost of trade school vs. college, you can often avoid loans by paying upfront. The $4,000 cost of trade school broken down by semester is only $1,000. When it comes to managing your personal finances for the future, this is a real game-changer.

4. You can get a good job with a trade school diploma.

Depending on the trade you learn, you can earn a high salary quickly. For example, a dental hygienist can earn over $75k, web developers can earn over $75k, and elevator installers and repairers can earn nearly $90k.

5. Trade schools offer more specialized training than colleges.

In a trade school, you can get hands-on experience in the specific industry you plan to enter. By the time you graduate, you will have finished the necessary training and developed all the essential skills to get started.

Conclusion: Is Trade School Worth It?

When comparing the benefits of trade school vs. college, it’s clear that trade school is the better option for some. The trade school degree only takes two years to complete, it’s much more affordable than college, you get hands-on experience, and you’re qualified to start working immediately.

For those who aren’t interested in college or simply don’t want to take on that level of debt, trade school is absolutely a worthy choice.

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